About Us

Hector tools is a young company established in 2016 in London – England, its business is the manufacturing and trading of hand tools suitable for building, construction, carpentry, gardening and heavy machinery maintenance. Hector has a wide and versatile products range; our product portfolio covers hand tools such as: Screwdrivers, Pliers, Drill bits, Wrenches, Meters, Riveters, Staple guns, Hammers, Chisels, Vices, Clamps, Aviation snips, Gloves and other small tools.


Screwdrivers are one of the most important tools you can use in your day to day work. That’s why Hector screwdrivers are made from the ideal steel grade and have a tip hardened to resist wear while the handle is designed to improve grip and prevent the tool from rolling.


Pliers are an indispensable tool in your tool box, they are very versatile and can help complete many jobs, as they shift the power from your hand to a more precise point while the jaws grip, cut, reshape, remove, loosen or tighten the material you are working with. Hector range of pliers offer a vast choice for all different usage you might encounter, from regular combination pliers, to cutting pliers, water pump pliers and up to locking pliers.

VDE Tools

VDE tools are tested and certified by “Verband der Elektrotechnik” Institute, an internationally accredited independent organization working to ensure the safety of electrical tools and machines. It has its special Certification Mark. Hector has the ideal combination of tools for professional electricians through its VDE tool collection that covers screwdrivers, pliers and snipers with their ergonomically design to give you the ultimate degree of comfort, safety and balance to facilitate your work.

General Maintenance Tools

Hector prides itself with its general maintenance tools collection because we believe the story of a great job starts with a measuring tape. In each and every maintenance tool we make sure to provide our consumer with the best quality and effectiveness to ensure your work is done in the best time and most accurate way. Hector general maintenance tools consist of measuring tapes, spirit Levels, riveters and staple guns.

Vices & Clamps

Vices and clamps are mechanical fastening devices used to hold without movement and secure the working environment which allow you to perform any job with precision. These devices are manufactured to suit different surfaces such as woodworking clamps, pipe clamps and others industrial clamps. Hector understands that the safety of your work is very important and the more stable your station and work pieces are the more precise your end product becomes.

Aviation Snips

Aviation snips are known by this name as they were first developed to cut aluminum in the aircraft industry. They are widely used because of their design that helps balance force and movement thus increasing the usage advantage without increasing the length of the snips.

Striking Tools

Hammers, Chisels and Punches are perhaps the most widely used tools, although these tools are a life time investment, they are the most often abused of all hand tools, that’s why they should be selected carefully. Hector provides a highly forged assortment of each tool to give you the ideal striking combination that will improve the quality of your work as well as preserve the life span of your tools.


Industrial gloves are important especially when working on jobs that can be a hazard on your most vital asset, your hands and arms. Hector gloves come in several types depending on the type of work you do, from general purpose for general safety against puncture or tear to more specific work such as welding that requires fire resistance.

Drill Bits

Drill bits come in many forms to suit the size and depth of the hole you’re drilling as well as the material drilled. There are twist drills, masonry bits and other forms. Also, the material used in drill bits determines its application, thus, we use stronger materialof drill bit for tougher work surface. Hector offers a fitting range of bits that suits each and every need you have for all different kind of materials from regular wood to concrete and even steel.


In your line of work a wrench is an essential tool especially when you want to provide your grip with a mechanical advantage in order to apply torque for tightening or loosening or simply fastening work pieces such as pipes, nuts, bolts and screws, depending on the wrench type. Hector has a wide spectrum of wrenches; open end, ring end, combination, pipe, adjustable,  Allen and socket wrenches; which offers you valuable choice that suits different functions.

Trolley & Carry Boxes

At the end of this tool journey you will need a box to carry all your Hector tools and safely preserves them for future usage. Hector recognized this need and didn’t forget storage. That’s why we offer you a combination of trolleys and toolboxes to hold your precious tools. Each designed to serve your purpose of organization, flexibility and mobility. All made of high quality and reliable material.


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