Company Introduction

Hector tools is a young company established in 2016 in London – England, its business is the manufacturing and trading of hand tools suitable for building, construction, carpentry, gardening and heavy machinery maintenance.

Hector has a wide and versatile products range; our product portfolio covers hand tools such as: Screwdrivers, Pliers, Drill bits, Wrenches, Meters, Riveters, Staple guns, Hammers, Chisels, Vices, Clamps, Aviation snips, Gloves and other small tools.

Hector products are manufactured up to international standards with unbeatable quality, each product is professionally crafted and manufactured with the objective of providing our end costumers with high quality and value for money tools that suits their needs.

Hector also has a strong base of distributers in the MEA region dedicated to serving our existing and potential clients.

Hector vision is to be the mentor to all its customers, consequently it offers them the best merge between maintenance and craftsmanship tools accompanied by the guidance of our expert sales team during the purchase process and afterwards; thus giving the customer the optimum results with less time and investment.

Our mission is guiding our customers to get the superior outcome they strive for in their business by providing the best tool and enlightening our consumer with their ideal application.

As a mentor, Hector values revolve around understanding current requirements of its customers and predicting future needs, and works continuously to update and modernize its range to suit their growing businesses through more efficient tools.